Hey! My name is Michelle and I am happily married to my tall and handsome hubby. We have two adorable daughters, 4 and 9m. We are grateful to live in a beautiful region of BC Canada where we enjoy mountains and lakes, lush vineyards and abundant orchards.

I love Jesus, I love learning and I love to read. I always have about 10 projects on the go – everything from painting to DIY house decor to hand-lettering to crochet. I’m a total type A personality so I love to plan and make lists!  My interests also include herbs and natural medicine, wine, travel, language, health and psychology. Right now my family lives in a townhouse in the city, but we’re looking for a property where we can be a bit more self-sufficient and implement a permaculture garden/landscape.

Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions, books you’d like to hear about or books to send in for review.

You can reach me on the Contact page of this blog or by email at: thereadingmamablog@gmail.com