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The Set Apart Woman

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Book: The Set Apart Woman – God’s Invitation to Sacred Living

Author: Leslie Ludy

Genre: Christian Living, Women

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Each chapter begins with a couple verses and quotes that set the tone for the topic. Each also ends with readings and questions for both group and personal study and reflection. The first two chapters give a more general overview, background and purpose for being set apart. The latter eight go through various topics, each carrying a specific heading called “Making the Exchange” where the author points out specific, tangible ideas to either be aware of or use to make changes in our lives.

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The Set Apart Woman is not a fluffy book. It’s not going to give you a pat on the back or set your ego at ease. It is a beautiful, inspiring and practical book of truth for any woman truly seeking Jesus in this living in this ferociously worldly age. There are far too many compromises in the church and in our hearts when it comes to putting Jesus first. This book speaks boldly, and yet still with kindness from a soul still tumbling through this fight of life with us. Be prepared to be convicted, but also to be encouraged and inspired, and given tools to help you along the way. This book is oxygen in a fog of spiritual mediocrity.

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Recommended For:

Christian women who want to go deeper and truly live for Jesus, and aren’t afraid to be told what they might not want to hear.


5/5, no question. I was surprised, convicted, comforted, and pointed to the cross.

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