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The Faith Dare


Book: The Faith Dare, by Debbie Alsdorf – 30 Days to Live Your Life to the Fullest

Genre: Christian Living/Women



The Faith Dare is divided into 4 parts. The first includes two short chapters about faith in general. The latter three feature 10 chapters each (one chapter per day) in the following categories:  “Live Up! In Relationship to God”, “Live in! In Surrender of Self”, and “Live Out! In Relationship to Others”.

Each day begins with a title, heading, and applicable bible verse. After a short narrative or story, there are the following sections: “Today’s Praise/Prayer” – scripture, “Today’s Truth” – scripture followed by an explanation/application, “Today’s Dare” – questions to ponder and reflect on, “Journal” – a place where you can write out what you are learning or hearing from God, “Today’s Prayer”- a prayer to read or guide you through your own prayer, and finally “Today I Believe” – a short, affirming belief statement to meditate on throughout the day.

It may sound complicated but each chapter is only 5-8 pages long (including scripture and lines included for writing in) and the sections break it up nicely.


“Dare to walk in the truth of being appointed by God in your

everyday, average, ordinary life. “


I had received this book as a gift and it sat on my bookshelf for a while, as I was busy finishing up some other books. Finally I picked it up one day when my faith was feeling dry and I wanted to draw near to God again. I’ve been a believer since I was little, but sometimes after a desert detour in my spiritual walk I find it helpful to go back to the basics and have some help along the way. This book did not disappoint. It was exactly what I needed to remember who we are in Christ, what treasures we have in Him and how to live out the tremendous calling He gives. It goes through basic tenets of Christian living in a very refreshing way. Debbie’s writing is authentic and encouraging. As a busy mom, the short chapters were a quick read, and when I missed a day I could easily continue where I left off. This book was an enjoyable and effortless read, but not because its theology is watered down. Each chapter packs a punch of truth, conviction and challenge. You could go one of two ways with this book: read it quickly for some encouragement, or take your time to study and meditate upon each topic. Either way, it’s an excellent read.


Recommended For: 

This book would be excellent for a new believer, or for a mature believer who either needs a bit of a reboot or is looking for an encouraging daily devotional.

“Scripture is clear: my life is not my own. Scripture is also encouraging: God’s life in me brings out the beauty of his creation. He takes broken hearts and heals them, messy lives and mends them, tears and dries them. He dresses me in something new and beautiful. The clothing is from within, but its beauty is seen without.

It’s always been his plan to renew me, revive me, restore me, and give me courage to quit living life in my own flimsy, fleeting beauty and to live in him and the beauty of his holiness.”


I’m not sure that I would read it again, but that isn’t a bad thing as very few books are worth referencing repeatedly. It served its purpose well: it refreshed my passion for God and affirmed my position in Christ. I would definitely buy it for a friend. 4/5 stars.


*I was not given this book to review. I am not being paid for this review.



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